5 Latest Innovations in the Technology Industry


Technology has been booming in the world lately. There are not many things left in the world which are not within the grasp of human reach. From Apple’s new Macbook which can display around 1 billion colors to China’s face detection technology, we are this close to living in the sci-fi world we read about in books and watch on TV. Let’s see what some of these technological advancements are.


A microcentrifuge may seem like a bit of useless lab equipment which we used back in school sometimes. That is far from the truth. Microcentrifuges have helped revolutionized the world of biological advancement by the separation of liquid samples. They help in making diagnosis of any disease on a microscopic level which therefore helps in coming up with a cure for that disease. They are especially useful for blood related concerns.

Practical Quantum Computers

Quantum mechanics has always been a sensitive issue with physicists and most quantum based works have merely existed on paper without any hope of coming to practical fruition. This year, however, giants in the world of technology have made a breakthrough by coming up with practical designs and models of quantum computers that use qubits. Qubits are basically quantum bits which means they are the basic bits of information carried in quantum computers. Even though we do not know fully what applications these computers will serve, it is possible that we will found out very soon.

Self-Healing Implants

In many superhero movies and such you have probably found yourself staring with awe at someone who heals their own wounds after getting injured. While this technology may not be effective on that level, it is now possible to install tiny implants in your body which encourage self-healing. These devices are miniature enough to be transplanted at nerve endings where they will monitor the individual’s physical state and provide stimuli for healing whenever needed.

Self-Driving Truck

Trucks are driven by human beings till now and where there are humans, there is chance of human error. Careless driving results in loss of much business and even some life. So do automated trucks really have a chance of doing better?

The answer is, probably. They seem to be quite risky but according to the designs developed by the companies concerned, the chances of error are greatly reduced with trucks that are automated instead of human driven. This is because these trucks will make the necessary calculations with regards to the roads, the people and the cargo and go accordingly. They are even said to be more cost effective.

Microsoft Skype Translator

Yes that’s right. An artificial intelligence based translator that translates the words into your own language as soon as the words are spoken. We know human speech isn’t as smooth as the written text but this translator actually cuts out the ‘uhs’ and the ‘ums’ from the speech before running it through the translator. We believe that this is the end of the language barrier.