How Does SEO Marketing Boost Your eCommerce Sales


Sometimes, when you run an eCommerce site, but sales do not grow as you expected, it can get annoying. The points to review at such times are:

  • Number of accesses
  • Conversion rate
  • Customer unit price

In many cases, the most lacking is the number of accesses. No matter how great a product you have, you can’t sell it without users coming to the store. So, what’s the solution? You can take the help of a professional SEO marketing consultant or do it yourself. 

Following some tips and ideas is a great way to boost your sales. In this blog, you will learn SEO measures that are extremely important in increasing sales.

Importance of SEO Measures on eCommerce Sites

Many sites do not have enough “access count.” As mentioned above, there are various ways to increase access to eCommerce sites other than SEO measures. To give an example:

  • Listing advertisement
  • Remarketing advertising
  • SNS advertising
  • Affiliate
  • Multi-store development

Depending on how you use these, you can dramatically increase access and sales. In that sense, the preferable WEB marketing maximizes profits by combining SEO measures and the above contents.   

SEO Measures to Increase Sales

After understanding the importance of SEO measures, you need to learn specifically what kind of SEO measures is effective. Take a look at the most critical factors.

Keyword Survey

First, investigate what keywords should be used for counter-measures. The keyword survey method is as follows.

  • Identify the keywords included in your site.
  • Please search for those keywords to identify the keywords that the top-ranked sites are taking measures against.
  • Create a cross between 2 keywords and subwords (mail order, cheap, recommended, for women, etc.).
  • Check the search volume of keywords with Google Ads keyword planner etc.

At this time, it is important to be independent of the search volume. Even if the search volume is large, if it is unmatched with your company’s services/products, or if it is a knowledge-based keyword such as “What is XYZ?”

Investigate Competition

In the keyword search in the previous section, you can search for the keywords you found and find conflicts.

  • On what page
  • What kind of service
  • What kind of products are you selling

If you know the page content and content volume, you can understand what kind of page is evaluated. Simultaneously, if you check services and products and make sure that your company’s products are selected when you compare them with competitors, you can maximize the results when you display them at the top.

Page Creation / Enhancement

After checking pages rated by Google for each keyword through competition research:

  • Create pages that are not on your site
  • Strengthen the pages on your site to be competitive

The important thing here is to create and strengthen pages that are easy to connect to orders for each keyword instead of creating content pages such as columns and blogs for each keyword in the dark clouds.

Top Page

Try to take measures on pages that are as close to the product as possible, such as the category page, product page, and ranking page. Once you have decided on a page to deal with, you need to strengthen the page. 

What should you do specifically? For example, the following measures can be considered. More than the top-ranked pages of the competition, you should focus on the following:

  • Increase the number of listed products
  • Increase product selection
  • Increase the coverage of suggested words
  • Increase the amount of content

In The End

 SEO measures mean “focusing on the user above all else.” When you come across a measure that you cannot judge whether it will be effective or not, ask an SEO marketing consultant to make the most out of your SEO strategy.