Benefits of using dedicated hosting servers: Why should you consider it?


If you are a person who is new to blogging, you will probably be confused about the hosting. Whenever you are going to run a website, you need to host it on a reliable platform. It helps in making your website run smoothly and stay up all the time. Although you may use your own computer as a host but for that, you will require a highspeed internet connection, a power supply to keep your computer running all the time, and decent memory to handle all the traffic coming to your site. It is not what everyone wishes to do and due to that, you have a number of web hosting options available. Here, we will put some light on the benefits of using dedicated hosting servers for people who are willing to make use of a dedicated server in Amsterdam.

Server resource only belongs to you

First of all, the server resource that you are going to make use of will only be in your control. It means that at the concerned hosting platform, all the resource of a single server will completely be in your hand and you can manipulate it as per your liking. There are times when, in shared hosting servers, the bad scripts running on other sites and spikes that come in the bandwidth slows down the performance. However, it will not happen if you make use of the dedicated server.

Better performance and security

Secondly, you get to have better performance and appropriate security. When you consider a dedicated host, it ensures that maximum uptime is given to your website. Moreover, the shared hosting is usually preferred for websites that have low or medium traffic. If you have been running your site for a while and you have steady and high traffic load, you should consider dedicated servers. They bring more stability to your site and are a lot more reliable than the shared servers.

Furthermore, while you put your site on the dedicated server, you can be certain that there is no space sharing with a site that could potentially be malicious or spam. Therefore, the security and integrity of your site are preserved. In case that you have a website that carries sensitive transactions, that come under FTP or SSL, you must consider the dedicated servers.

It offers flexibility

When you opt to use the shared server, it means that you get access to a limited number of features. These features are predefined and you cannot alter them. There might be things that you do not need which are present in your hosting and there may be a few things that you require which are not included. It can be frustrating and annoying. Moreover, the RAM, CPU, disk space, and other features will also be limited.

However, with the dedicated hosting, you can customize things as per your needs. You can ask the provider to set a specific RAM, CPU, disk space, software, and other features. Let him put things on the server that you need and ask him to take off what you are not using. It allows you better control.

The IP address

When you consider the use of shared server, you should note that each server has a unique IP address. When multiple sites are sharing a single server, the IP address will be same. In case that any of your neighbor sitesare malicious, spam, or adult site, it could possibly mean that the ranking of your site will also be pushed down.

Thus, you may consider a dedicated host which allows you to have a unique IP address that only belongs to you. There will be no other site in it. It is of great importance if you have an e-commerce site that takes payment through credit card which will require SSL certificate.


So, these are some benefits that you can avail by considering dedicated server in Amsterdam. Do note that if you go for building it on your own, you will need to buy the equipment and you have to give time to its maintenance too. The overhead cost can be reduced as the hosting provider will look after the purchase of equipment and the maintenance of the server.