3 Small Businesses That Can Be Run Off Grid


Many people are looking to disconnect from the modern rate race and start their own business. At the same time those same people also want to disconnect from the grid and be more self-sufficient.

How can you make money while still living and working off the grid? Well, luckily these days going off grid doesn’t mean you can’t have the same modern conveniences that you have when you are connected. Just buy up some land, put up a simple house and have a solar power installer hook up some panels and you are just about there.

In that vein, there are a number of ways you can take yourself off grid and still make money. In this article, I will go over several ways you can make money and live independently.

1 – Blogging

I assume that since you are reading this article online that you aren’t going 100% Grizzly Adams style off grid. If you do keep an internet connection then making money online is always an option while the rest of your home is off the grid. 

You can set up a site for just about any subject and make some money at it. Whatever your blog is about can still bring in money through ads, affiliate commissions or even selling your own digital product like an e-book.

Your best bet is to find a topic that you are interested in or have some expertise. It could easily be able to set up a home off grid that could generate a lot of interest.

2 – Sell handmade products

There is much more interest in buying homemade things these days and cutting cheap products out of our lives.

With this increased awareness, you can set up a nice home based business in which you make artisanal products.

Some obvious ones that don’t require a lot of energy use are soap making, knitted products, candles or clothing.

Whatever your hobby is can be turned into a product that can make you a decent income. You can sell locally at flea markets or artisan fairs, or you can use the internet and sell on places like Etsy or your own website.

3 – Off grid B&B

Many other people are looking to get away from it all and would enjoy staying in a green Bed and Breakfast that is sustainable and using eco friendly practices.

If you have the space, you can add some bedrooms that would be ideal for tourists to come and relax in the quiet and solitude of nature while enjoying your hospitality.

Being off grid is a perfect selling point for people looking to do slow travel and like to avoid mass tourism. You can add on a lot of other features as well. If you have a farm there, then you can offer organic farm to table cuisine to feed your guests. And if you are near some National Parks or any other point of interest then you shouldn’t have a problem getting bookings.